Universal Education: An Essential Perquisite to World Peace

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Welcome to the Open Bubble. Help us build a free and open system of universal education. Children deserve it and the world needs it. It is seemingly impossible but absolutely necessary and far too long overdue given the fact that it is entirely feasible from both a technical and economic point of view.

A strong emphasis on virtues, character building, morals, civics, and service to humanity is woven into the proposed k-12 curriculum, which is based on a variety of American educational standards. We are not concerned with the politics or economics of education. The curriculum will be unique in a number of ways.

The Open Bubble also features adult education in a variety of areas including self-help, professional certification in a number of areas, and continuing professional education. Some adult programming is free, other programming requires tuition. Proposals are being accepted for new and original adult programming.

We are starting small and will roll out the curriculum as teachers, volunteers, and other professionals add their distinctive contributions to the project. Please volunteer. We need your help and support.

Currently, we offer a limited number of lessons related to the Bubblehead Story Blog by age group. The Bubblehead Lessons are designed to be entertaining and educational. They may be used as homework or an assignment in school, as part of an ongoing course of study in college, or as standalone lessons. These lessons are also helpful to those who play the Bubblehead Game.

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    Available courses

    Infant Education is for newborn babies to approximately 9 month olds. 

    Toddler course.

    Nursery School is for children, 18 to 36 months of age.

    Pre-Kindergarten Physical Education course.

    Pre-Kindergarten Science course.

    Pre-Kindergarten social studies course.

    Pre-Kindergarten Technology course.

    Kindergarten Art course.

    Kindergatren Communications course.

    Kindergarten Dance Course

    First Grade English Course

    Kindergarten environment and sustainability course.

    Kindergarten Health and Fitness course.

    Kindergarten Math Course

    Kindergarten Music course

    Kindergarten Science Course

    Kintergarten social studies course.

    Kindergarten Technology course.

    Kindergarten Theatre course.

    First Grade Art course.

    First Grade Communications course.

    First Grade Dance course.

    First Grade English Course

    First Grade environment and sustainability course.

    First Grade Health and Fitness course.

    First Grade Math Course

    First Grade Music course.

    First Grade Science Course

    First grade social studies course.

    First Grade Technology course.

    First Grade Threatre course.

    Second Grade Art course.

    Second Grade Communications course.

    Second Grade Dance course.

    Second Grade English

    Second Grade environment and sustainability course.

    Second Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Second Grade Math

    Second Grade Music course.

    Second Grade Science Course

    Second grade social studies course.

    Second Grade Technology course.

    Second Grade Theatre course.

    Third Grade Art course.

    Third Grade Communications course.

    Third Grade Dance course.

    Third Grade English

    Third Grade environment and sustainability course.

    Third Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Third Grade Math

    Third Grade Music course.

    Third Grade Science Course

    Third grade social studies course.

    Third Grade Technology course.

    Third Grade Theatre course.

    Fourth Grade Art course.

    Fourth Grade Communications course.

    Fourth Grade Dance course

    Fourth Grade English

    Fourth Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Fourth Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Fourth Grade Math

    Fourth Grade Music course.

    Fourth Grade Science Course

    Fourth grade social studies course.

    Fourth Grade Technology course.

    Fourth Grade Theatre course.

    Fifth Grade Art course.

    Fifth Grade Communications course.

    Fifth Grade Dance course.

    Fifth Grade English Course

    Fifth Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Fifth Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Fifth Grade Math Course

    Fifth Grade Music course.

    Fifth Grade Science Course

    Fifth grade social studies course.

    Fifth Grade Technology course.

    Fifth Grade Theatre course.

    Sixth Grade Art course.

    Sixth Grade Communications course.

    Sixth Grade Dance course.

    Sixth Grade English course

    Sixth Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Sixth Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Sixth Grade Math Course.

    Sixth Grade Music course.

    Sixth Grade Science course.

    Sixth grade social studies course.

    Sixth Grade Technology course.

    Sixth Grade Theatre course.

    Seventh Grade Art course.

    Seventh Grade Communications course.

    Seventh Grade Dance course.

    Seventh Grade English course

    Seventh Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Seventh Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Seventh Grade Math Course.

    Seventh Grade Music course.

    Seventh Grade Science course.

    Seventh grade social studies course.

    Seventh Grade Technology course.

    Seventh Grade Theatre course.

    Eighth Grade Art course.

    Eighth Grade Communications course.

    Eighth Grade Dance course.

    Eighth Grade English course

    Eighth Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Eighth Grade Health and Fitness course.

    Eighth Grade Math Course.

    EighthGrade Music course.

    Eighth Grade Science Standards course.

    Eighth grade social studies course.

    Eighth Grade Technology course.

    Eighth Grade Theatre course.

    Ninth Grade Art course.

    Ninth Grade Communications course.

    Ninth Grade Dance course.

    Ninth Grade English course

    Ninth Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Ninth Gr.ade Music course

    Ninth Grade Science course.

    Ninth Grade Social Studies course.

    Ninth Grade Technology course.

    Ninth Grade Theatre course.

    Tenth Grade Art course.

    Tenth Grade Communications course.

    Tenth Grade Dance course.

    Tenth Grade English course

    Tenth Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Tenth Grade Music course.

    Tenth grade science course.

    Tenth grade social studies course.

    Tenth Grade Technology course.

    Tenth Grade Theatre course.

    Eleventh Grade Art course.

    Eleventh Grade Dance course.

    Eleventh Grade English Course

    Eleventh Grade Environment and Sustainability course.

    Eleventh Grade Music course.

    Eleventh grade science course.

    Eleventh grade social studies course.

    Eleventh Grade Technology course.

    Eleventh Grade Theatre course.

    Twelfth Grade Art course.

    Twelfth Grade Dance course.

    Twelfth Grade English course


    Twlefth Grade Enivronment and Sustainability course.

    Twelfth Grade Music course.

    Twelfth grade science course.

    Twelfth grade social studies course.

    Twelfth Grade Technology course.

    Twelfth Grade Theatre course.

    Advanced High School Dance course.

    High School Dance course.

    Advanced High School Music course.

    High School Music course.

    Advanced High School Theatre course.

    High School Theatre course.

    Advanced High School Visual Arts course.

    High School Visual Arts course.

    High School Fitness Year 2 course.

    Year 1 High School Fitness course.

    High School Health and Fitness course.

    High School Mathematics course.

    High School Biology course.

    High School Marine Biology course.

    High School Environmental Science course.

    High School Earth and Space Science course.

    High School Physics course.

    High School Physics Applications course.

    High School Chemistry course.

    High School Chemistry Applications course.

    Environment and Sustainability course.

    High School anthropology course.

    High School Civivs course.

    High School Economics course.

    High School Geography course.

    United States History course.

    High School World History course.

    A study of God.

    A study of the the Manifestations and Prophets of God.

    A study of the universal quest for meaning in life.

    A study of True Religion and Progressive Revelation.

    The History and Teachings of Judaism.

    The history and teachings of the Baha'i Faith.

    The purpose of the Meaningful Conversations course is to help people learn how to talk about sensitive subjects in a way that reinforces spiritual principles and practices.

    A study of Psychic Powers, Mysticism, and Spirituality.

    Do we continue to live after the death of our physical body? If we do, what’s it like? What do we do? How do we live? This course explores the answers to those questions from various points of view, including scientific, spiritual, and religious. 

    You might be surprised at how much we know about life after death and how best to prepare for it. It’s a journey we all take and it’s never too early to prepare.

    The information contained in the Worlds of God is from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, the Prophet Founder of the Baha'i Faith and His son, Abdu'l-Baha. It is a breathing tour of the heavens and of creation.