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Page Vision and Mission

The reasoning behind the Open Bubble vision is simple but compelling. Its scope is broad, stretching across the surface of the Earth and incorporating every race, relgion, and class. That vision is born out of anguish and injustice and exposes the lamentable shortcomings of the current World Order, which is responsible for huge inequities and great evil as well as substantial progress for a small portion of the world's population.

Page Declaration of Principles

The need for Universal Education is abundantly clear for all to see. It is urgently needed for the survival of humanity and long overdue. The lack of it has endangered the delicate balance of nature, the reckless exploitation of the earth's resources, the extinction of countless species and the needless deaths of millions of people.

A declaration of principles is a necessary but insufficient precondition for mobilizing the resources required to develop and implement universal education of the world’s population. Without universal education there can be no peace. With universal education the world will experience a Golden Age never seen and rarely dreamed of in the past.

Page Call for Volunteers

What is life about if not helping people? When it’s all said and done … when, years from now, on your deathbed, you look back over your life, what will be the most important thing that comes to mind? Is it your relationship with God, your family? Is it what you did in life, your accomplishments, or how much money you made?

Lying there, time ticking away, knowing that you will soon blink out forever or be reborn in some sort of after-life, how will you feel? Will you be afraid? Will you be ready to go? Will you be looking forward to it – the next great adventure?

The only answer that matters is the one you believe in the inner most center of your heart. It only matters what you think and feel. Sure, it would be nice to look back and know that you had a successful career, raised a loving family, and helped a lot of people, but it won’t happen unless you plan for it. It won’t happen unless you work at it and make it a priority in life. Join us and make it happen.

Page Donations & Support

There is more than enough wealth in the world to fund universal education. This has not happened yet for political and economic reasons. That has to change. Poverty, violence, illness and more is intimately linked to poor education. You can help us break this cycle by supporting the Open Bubble, a free internet-based k-12 school based on American educational standards and good old fashion family values.

Please make a donation to support universal education.

We hope that those blessed with success in life while help those who haven't been so fortunate. We do not want a handout and we do not offer any to our students. We want to offer children around the world a chance to get an education, and that's the surest way to success in life.