Vision and Mission


One day every person on planet Earth will have access to a sound education suited to the individual’s needs, goals, and desires in life.

This vision is simple yet its implications touch every aspect of society. It is a moral imperative and is well within our means to accomplish within a relatively short period of time.


The need for Universal Education is clear and pressing. The means to accomplishment it are readily available.

Not providing universal education is a crime against humanity.


The lack of compassion and diversion of resources into destructive and unproductive activities have made it impossible to achieve Universal Education. Its lack has resulted in untold death and suffering, and injustice of every sort all over the earth. Most of the problems facing humanity today can be traced to a lack of education. 


The mission of the Open Bubble is the establishment of the principle that Universal Education is a natural right of every human being on Earth, and the creation of a means whereby that principle will be achieved.

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